Students of the Week – 3/4/19

The Register online has started a new series of “Students of the Week,” where teachers nominate students from every grade who deserve recognition for doing an excellent job. These are the following students who have been chosen for the week of 3/4/19 through 3/10/19. We will update the series every Monday.


9th Savanna Blair

Savanna was varsity swimmer.

“She puts 100% into all that she does,” science teacher Heidi Hisrich said. “She’s consistently curious, focused & kind. She works well with absolutely anyone and, despite being the top of her class, she is constantly humble & wanting to learn more.”

10th Stephanie Velazquez

Stephanie is an early college student and is a part of the National Honor Society.

“She is always focused and attentive to the learning process,” social studies/early college teacher Tre Ronne said. “She will contribute her ideas for peers to hear, and they are consistently on point and thoughtful.”

11th Jasson Huntwork

Jasson was manager for the football and girls basketball teams.

“He loves to make new connections and investigate new ideas,” life skills teacher Mary Ann Avery said. “He loves it so much, that he is taking his Pitch for the State Innovation competition to regionals in March.”

12th Fernando Santiago-Contreras

Fernando is

“Not only does he earn outstanding grades, but he is also likely one of the kindest souls I’ve had the privilege to teach,” counselor Megan Hinkey said. “His spirit makes me happy every single day!”