RHS Celebrates Homecoming


Richmond High School celebrated Homecoming 2022 with dress-up days, a parade, hallways decorations, student games all leading up to Friday night’s football game against Muncie Central. Sophomore Alexis Veregge gave a first-person account of the week.

We jumped into homecoming week with decades day. Our school theme was the 90’s. 

From what I interviewed that day, people were finally in school spirit. People were wearing baggy clothes, bandanas, durags, vans, and so much more, and that was just day one. 

Day two was tye dye theme. People were bouncing with colors and different styles of tye dye. 

I interviewed people that day as well and asked the main question, ‘What do people want more of in this school?’ The responses I got were interesting. 

For example, Trenton Turner wanted a pajama day and more nap time. I guess he wants to bring kindergarten to high school, and a lot of other people want to see Richmond high have a homecoming dance. 

Sophie, Aj, and Alex want to see us have more clubs. 

Day three was twin day. I participated in twin day with my friend Glorianna.

Thursday was jersey day. I saw a ton of people wearing all sorts of different jerseys. The last day was red and white day, Richmond’s colors. 

Dressing up all week was fun, but that wasn’t all we did. Friday, we had a pep rally to really pump up our school for our homecoming game!