Student Views on Hybrid Scheduling

How students are adjusting to having school every other day

After a long 5 months, students have come back, although it’s not exactly the way we thought it would be. The school board stated in their reopening plan that we would be following a hybrid schedule. Group 1 students come here on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Group 2 students come here Tuesdays, Thursdays, and every other Friday. A few students have their views on this new schedule. 

“I feel much more free and flexible since I don’t have to prep for going to school every single day,” junior Franky Nguyen said.

 Many students like Nguyen don’t mind having to go to school every other day. They see it as a less stressful way about not having to rush and get everything done for the next day. 

“So basically I go to Canvas and I go to my courses in order like I would go to my classes as if I was at school,” junior Moriah Doan said. 

When students are learning from home, they treat it just like in-class learning. Going from period to period and doing the day’s assignment.

There are mixed responses on if they are learning properly or not.

 “For sure, some teachers, like Newman and Brooks, are actually doing good jobs at making sure students could still learn online by using videos, powerpoints, and other stuff while also going in-depth in their physical class,” Nguyen said.

 Teachers are trying their best to educate virtually and in-person. Even so for some students virtually isn’t easy.

“Personally, I’m not very good at learning things through a computer because I don’t have the attention span,” freshman Paige Brady said. “I’ve had some trouble finding assignments because classes have things laid out differently, but my friends and I help each other out.” 

Most aren’t accustomed to virtual learning and are having a difficult time figuring it out, but are trying their best with the help of teachers and peers.

“It’s really difficult to keep a good sleep schedule since we only go to school every other day,” Brady said. 

Other people like Brady are struggling to sleep well because of the on and off days on in-class learning. Many students are probably only waking up early for the days needed to go to school and on virtual days wake up later.

“The only downside is that I don’t get much time for a classroom, which is how I prefer to learn honestly,” Nguyen. Even though we are slowly getting used to virtual, we’re all used to classrooms and learning in an environment like that. 

The hybrid system is going to take a while to get accustomed to, and students are trying to adjust as well as possible. But to get us through the year, Nguyen gave us some words of encouragement. “Hang in there baby, keep it together.”