The habit of sleeping through the alarm

Laiken Filipiak, Reporter

As you hear your 6 a.m. alarm, you roll over and hit the snooze button and go back to sleep for another ‘five minutes.’ Eventually another five minutes turns into another hour. You roll over and turn off the alarm and get out of bed. You look at the time and realize you’re supposed to be out the door in ten minutes. You run around the room and throw on whatever you see first, you grab your backpack and run out the door.

“If I’m being rushed I can get ready in two minutes,” senior Stephen Holland said.

This seems to be common among some students.

“I can just jump out of bed,” junior Kristina Crutcher said.  

Some students only need one alarm.

“I usually set two, but I wake up to one, so the second one is just in case,” senior Dakota Vaughn said.

For others it’s more of a struggle to get up in the morning.

“It takes probably around six alarms to actually get me up in the morning,” junior Kiersten Watson said.

According to, more than half, 53.86 percent, of people feel dreadful upon hearing their alarm in the morning. In addition to that, 27.12 percent of people feel anxious upon hearing their alarm going off.

Most students take a variety of time between 10-30 minutes when getting ready.

“It usually takes me 10-20 minutes to get ready, depending on what I’m doing,” Crutcher said.

Others take longer if they have more time in the morning.

“Probably about an hour; take a shower, get dressed, brush my hair, brush my teeth, and eat breakfast,” Vaughn said.

The majority of people wake up and sit around for a while, then they get ready at the last minute before they have to leave. The issue most people have in the morning is hitting the snooze button a little more than they should. Some people think that hitting it a couple of times is okay.

“It’s a good thing because it wakes you up in time for school.” Watson said.

More often than not, hitting the snooze button has a backfire that isn’t so pretty.

“It can definitely be bad in the sense that sometimes when I’d try to hit the alarm a few times, I sometimes fall back asleep or into a deep sleep and it no longer wakes me up.”  Holland said.