Rowdy Revealed: Crystal Tran

The long-awaited identity of Rowdy the Red Devil has been revealed at tonight’s winter senior night. Rowdy has been unknown since 2020 when the mascot was reintroduced and a new outfit was provided.

Over the years, there’s been a lot of speculation made about the person behind the Devil’s mask. 

But tonight we learned that the person that has always entertained and cheered us on during games is senior Crystal Tran. 

Now she reflects how it was to be the mascot.

“Being the mascot is just such a unique experience and it’s something that excited me and I was curious about,” she said. “It was an opportunity to get out of my comfort zone and be able to

Photo by Jackson Maracle

act socially without anxiety.” 

She had many reasons why she was inspired to become the mascot for the past four years. 

“I thought it would be something fun and unique to do and getting a gym credit was more of a plus and entryway into making it happen,” she said.  “I had actually joked in middle school about becoming the mascot, so it seemed almost natural like it was going to happen.”

From an outside perspective, she recognized her best and most special memories for being Rowdy 

“My best moment with fans would probably be when I had two women come up to me while I was standing next to the ticket table during basketball season and they asked if they could take a picture and said that they were my biggest fans,’’ she said.  

But the love for her was not only in our high school but in others too. 

“Another time that I’m equally fond of was at an away game where there were little kids from the other school,” she said. “They kept asking me for a dance-off and scheduled it during a quarter change. One of them did the worm and I did the robot, I thought it was so much fun and light-hearted.”

But there were also some bad memories that she will remember too with joy. This should mostly be a lesson for us as we need to appreciate and respect the person inside the mascot.

“[Many] people hit the head,” she said. “Mostly, it’s just people trying to be funny for their friends. I think people forget there’s actually a person inside that is a student. One time I had an adult take it a bit too seriously. The cheerleaders were doing a chant and I had a trident and had limited movement. A woman came up to a cheerleader and said ‘The mascot needs to learn the cheers.’ That was a little frustrating to hear, but I understand her perspective.” 

Nonetheless, this has been an exciting experience for her and her memories will stay with her beyond high school.

“I’ll miss interacting with the crowd,” she said. “I love the fans and kids, I’ve gained wholesome and funny memories that I’ll never forget. Being able to mess around and know that some people are getting enjoyment out of the fun I’m having is a nice feeling.”

“Nowhere else will I be able to do the things I do as the mascot. Being able to socially interact with people behind a mask gives the freedom that I’ll miss.”