Devils committing in athletics

Isaiah Cox, Online Editor

Over the course of March 21 to March 23, three Richmond athletes committed to the college of their choice. The three seniors, Sid Sagna, Riley Austin and Chris Harvey all committed to colleges in Indiana.

Senior Sid Sagna committed for soccer to Manchester University in North Manchester, Indiana. “I’m most excited for the feeling of community and home of the campus and the team,” Sagna said.

Sagna is already setting expectations for himself in his future endeavors. “I expect to be successful first in the classroom and then on the soccer field.”

Senior Riley Austin who has been All-NCC for track and soccer committed for track to Hanover College in Hanover, Indiana. “I’m excited about starting the next chapter of my life there while also being able to continue my track and academic career,” Austin said.

Austin is sure to separate expectations for her academics and athletics. “Academically my expectations would be to keep up with my grades and push myself to do my best,” Austin said. “In track I want to come in hoping to compete with my teammates from the beginning even though it might be a challenge.”

The latest of the three commits, a Red Devil basketball player who surpassed the 1,000 point milestone, senior Christian Harvey committed to Marian University in Indianapolis, Indiana. “I’m excited that the program is getting a new basketball facility and locker room and bigger weight room,” Harvey said. “When I committed I felt that I wanted to go back into my city life with me being from Georgia and it just felt like home again. The program has other commits coming in also who are outstanding and I would love to play with guys that know how to win at the next level.”

Chris Harvey is also setting expectations for his future at the school. “I expect myself to get bigger and stronger as I start to get into the weight lifting parts of the process and I expect to be a great player at this level and further myself to the highest expectations possibly,” Harvey said.