Rick Wedlow resigns as head coach

Isaiah Cox, Online Editor

After three years as head coach of Richmond Boys Basketball, Rick Wedlow has resigned from his coaching position.

“It was a tough decision that had to be made,” Wedlow said. “You know after a lot of talks with the family and stuff we felt like it was the best thing to do was to step down and give somebody else another crack at it.”

Wedlow finished with an overall record of 21-55.

“I took over the program when the program was in a pretty tough spot, when the previous coach left and I did everything I could to maintain the program and you know keep things going,” Wedlow said. “Losing is hard on the head coach, you know it’s hard from a health perspective, mental and physical health perspective and so fortunately I just have more time to focus, I don’t have to focus on 35 kids right now.”

Rick’s son Rick Wedlow Jr. was a sophomore varsity basketball player for Richmond.

“Fortunately, I just get to be dad and I just get to focus on him,” Wedlow Sr. said. “I get to focus on you know making him a beast. You know what I’m saying and taking him to a level that he can get to, and so it’s tough sometime when you’re head coach cause you got to focus on so many other kids. Now, I just get to focus on him and make sure he’s getting proper training, proper nutrition, and make sure he’s got the right people in his life.”

Wedlow is thankful for his opportunity at Richmond.

“I feel relieved, but I’m very grateful to our administration, Rae Woolpy and I’m very grateful for the opportunity.”