Eight Months in America

 My U.S. roller coaster experience continues to go on and now I am enjoying my American experience. This time it had swimming, fast food and an everyday American high school routine. 

The experience on the swimming team was one of the highlights of my year so far. It gave me the chance to do a sport that I love in a new place. The opportunity to swim in a D1 pool at Purdue, to live the American way of swimming and most importantly to show off to my twin brother. Something that I could never do back in Greece was balance between school and sports. It is hard and my senior year in Greece would have been dominated by studying for college exams.  

Along with my swimming experience, my high school experience has offered new things, such as having new classes and being able to go to school. It is interesting noticing how these new classes are different from Greek high school. Most importantly the way of teaching and how relationships are built is different. Greek high school has generally a more harsh approach and school days can be harder compared to here.

Something that I am going to miss probably more than anything, American fast food. All the choices that exist still surprises me. Dairy Queen ice cream, Wendy’s burgers and food truck burritos of any kind will always have a special place in my heart. I never expected myself to include pickles in my burger. Sadly I have to prepare myself for how I am going to leave all this food. 

And of course, the madness of march couldn’t be missed, my first March Madness ever. College basketball is quite different from European and Greek basketball.  In Greece, there is no college basketball, just professional teams and leagues for smaller ages. And honestly in the beginning I couldn’t understand why people would support college teams instead of professional teams. But now I see the difference and how interesting and intense it can be. 

These are some of the most important and interesting turns in my roller coaster. I just have three more months for more exciting turns and I am pretty sure they are going to be as exciting as the ones before.