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Keeping a diary in these times

May 21, 2020

Many people you know, or even yourself, have had a diary at one point. Whether you write about random thoughts or things much deeper, it’s beneficial to keep a journal or diary. In a time like this, it’s normal and even healthy to log what you feel and what is happening in the world around you.

According to the University of Rochester medical center, keeping a journal during this pandemic can help reduce stress or anxiety and help you keep a normal schedule. Writing about what is happening now may help you understand better and be more at peace with it.

Another interesting point of view about journaling now is the memories. You may not want to remember a time like this, but it is a part of history, and may be found interesting to others in the future. When things get better, you could be able to look back at it and remember these times. Or even your future kids can read their parents diary from the past and learn about this pandemic.

Here are some things to journal about:

  • Things the president or other government officials are saying, and how you feel about it
  • Things you can’t wait to do once the stay home order is lifted
  • Hobbies and activities you might want to learn while social distancing
  • People you miss seeing in person and how you are keeping in contact with them

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