People of different cultres and diversities holding hands. (Amariah Smith)
People of different cultres and diversities holding hands.

Amariah Smith

Perspectives on cultural differences

October 20, 2019

There are so many cultures with many traditions and each culture has its own way of being unique. Some people show who they are in a different way. There are different festivals, beliefs, dances, music, and more. There is diversity everywhere and diversity is what makes us who we are. 

Learning about your own culture is important but learning about others is important too.

“Everyone comes from different places and some people are proud to represent their culture,” sophomore Iyana Wadell said. “I think that’s the most important thing is that people know where they come from so they’re able to be proud.” 

Figuring out and understanding who you are is important for many reasons.

“I think having differences in our culture is important because if we didn’t have them then we would all be the same,” sophomore Khalidah Hickson said. ”To know yourself you have to know where you come from and want to know about other cultures to because you have to live with them.”

Other cultures day to day activities can be different but makes them interesting to learn about. 

“I think it’s interesting to hear about other cultural backgrounds,” senior Dylan Mayberry said. “How someone’s day to day life can be so different from my own such as religion to even what they eat.”

Not everyone gets treated the same and there are many opinions on different things.

“I feel like some people get treated differently than others,” Waddell said. “People don’t like certain cultures and don’t think you should believe some things or practice things.”

“Everybody celebrates and shows their culture in their own way,” Wadell said. 

Amariah Smith
Flags from different countries.

Some people don’t know how to speak English which makes them stand out to some students.

“I don’t think people really get judged but some students don’t speak English and might be seen different because they’re not from here,” Hickson said. 

Keeping their history going is important to many people and many cultures.

“Ancestors have started traditions and people want to keep it going,” Waddell said. “They want to keep the tradition alive because it probably means something to them.”

Beliefs and hobbies aren’t the same as everyone else’s and can be seen as unique or different.

“Just because someone that lived across the world from here could live a completely different way than I do with different beliefs and hobbies,” Mayberry said.

Many people aren’t ready for change.

“So many people don’t like other people showing who they are because they aren’t used to change and they think there should only be certain cultures in certain places,” Waddell said. 

Showing your culture is an option.

“I feel like you should only show your culture if you want to, but it is a really important part of you,” Hickson said. 

Some want to learn about their culture and their history.

“Every chance I get I like to talk about the history of my culture and family,” Waddell said. “I like to ask questions about it and learn about where I come from.” 

People from different places dress differently. 

“I see a lot of different cultures every day just by the way people dress and the way people talk,” Mayberry said.

School also teaches a lot about different cultures and the different practices. 

“I’ve learned about my culture here at school and from my grandma and grandpa but other than that no,” Hickson said. 

Many people know a lot more about their ancestry than others.

“I know a lot about my history because I ask questions and look more into it,” Mayberry said.

There is a lot of segregation and perspectives. 

“There are traditional outfits worn in other countries, but if someone were to [wear the traditional outfits] here they would get bullied for it,” Hickson said. “I think people are separated by the way people look, act, or think.”

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