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Fluctuating gas prices

February 26, 2019

In today’s society, most teenagers and adults drive. Driving is an extremely helpful recourse we have. It gets us where we need to go quickly. Although there are many pros to driving, paying for gas is an enormous con. This is because of the gas prices keep fluctuating each year.

Paying for gas had always been something that people complain about daily. Typically, the average price of gas in Indiana is $2.41 per gallon, according to In other popular states, the price for gas is even higher and lower in unpopular states. California has the highest gas prices, $3.28 per gallon and Mississippi has the lowest, $2.10 per gallon. The national average of gas prices is $2.39. It also depends on what car the person drives because some cars take more gas to fill up the tank completely.

Before Obama was put into office gas prices were at a high of $4.00 in 2011, then they were as low as $1.85. When he left office, the average was $2.40, according to Since Trump was elected, gas prices are higher for his decision to pull out of a deal with Iran. They’ve gone up 3 to 5 cents per gallon, according to

The price of gas has fluctuated highly since the 1920s. Back then, the price of gas was $o.21. That is extremely low compared to the $2.39 people pay today. Since then, gas has raised $2.18.

A big question that people tend to ask is why do gas prices rise? The reason for the gas prices fluctuating is high crude oil prices. When oil prices rise, so does gas prices. According to, oil costs are 54% of the price of gasoline.

Since the gas prices keep fluctuating, people want to know how they can stop it from continuing to fluctuate. Well, there are a few ways that people can. A huge one is to stop using domestic energy and another one is increasing overall supply. Domestic energy is the amount of energy used in a house for household work. People can fix it by lowering the amount and using more natural resources. Increasing the overall supply is increasing the usage of items like oil and gas, according to

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