The season for E-Learning

The winter has been on the fritz. This year has already been filled with the confusion of temperatures and the shifts in wind, snow, or rain. Preparing for anything can be difficult, especially in school. With E-Learning days to fall back on we don’t have to worry about pushing the school year back further.

“I think it’s a good way to kinda self learn and still get help if you need it,” senior Ciara York said.

York is among the students who prefer the E-Learnings.

I hate snow days”

— senior Ciara York

However, teachers have a different view. Students may get a day full of work, but teachers stress over it getting finished.

“[About] 60 to 70 percent per class get my assigned e-learnings done,” child developmentĀ teacher Raeanne Schlotterbeck said. “It is less stressful though.”

According to Schlotterbeck, there is only one main downfall towards e-learning lessons.

“I’d say accountability, not being as direct with a lesson because I’m not physically in the same space as my students,” she said. “But that’s why I give some class time later to ask any questions.”

Some teachers prefer e-learning days because they will have more time off later.

“I love having more days off in the summertime,” Schlotterbeck said.

Other teachers may find it more difficult because of issues that may happen outside the students’ control.

“I think most of my students are pretty good at figuring out and navigating technology and websites,” chemistry teacher Greg Webb said. “Usually if they run into a problem, we can get it straightened out with an email or two.”

Along with the number of students actually doing the assignments, Webb doesn’t see much of a problem with e-learning.

“Usually I have the same students completing the e-learning assignments as would complete an in-class assignment,” he said.

But there can always be problems with “too many” assignments at once.

“It is stressful when we have multiple days in a row,” Webb said. “Trying to find meaningful activities becomes difficult.”

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