Xbox vs PS5

The console wars are back and ready for a new generation of game performance. Microsoft and Sony are yet again battling for the third time and it is getting exciting. The two new consoles are Xbox Series X and Playstation 5, which of the two will be the better choice for gamers?

When Microsoft released the Xbox One in 2015, Sony already had released the PS4 back in 2013. When comparing the exclusives to each brand, Playstation has the rights to God of War, Spiderman, Uncharted, The Last of Us, Ratchet and Clank, Sly Cooper, MLB: The Show being among their most popular games. Microsoft has one of the most popular game series of all time and that is Halo. Halo has been out since 2001 with the release of Halo: Combat Evolved. It is argued that Playstation had a larger selection of games compared to Xbox.

This year, Microsoft bought ZeniMax Media for $7.5 billion dollars, and that includes game franchises such as Fallout, Elder Scrolls, Doom, Wolfenstein, these titles being the most popular franchises. This adds more selection to contend with Playstation this generation compared to the last generation console.

Both the PS5 and the Series X/S have roughly the same aspects when it comes to performance. They both can run at a high 120 frames per second on certain games. On backward compatibility, they will run at a steady 60 frames per second. They both will have faster loading times that are phenomenally faster than the improved versions of the PS4 (PS4 Pro) and the Xbox One (Xbox One X). With that in mind, for a hefty price of $499, it actually seems like the new consoles actually might be worth the cost.

With faster frame rates, it makes games more fluid allowing faster reaction times.

“It definitely does [allow faster reaction times] because I love being able to like clearly see my game and how it makes the gaming experience better and more realistic playing certain games and it makes it easier for certain games like if I was to play Call of Duty, it makes it easier to react to the gameplay,” senior Michael Fioto said.

It was on November 10th, that the Xbox Series X/S was released to the public and the PS5 was released on November 12th. No matter what your preference is when it comes to either one of these juggernauts of the gaming industry, either choice will be very similar in performance, but definitely weigh the pros and cons of each system, do in-depth research, and most importantly find what is comfortable for you, because, at the end of the day, you really can’t go wrong with either console.