Making Profit from Quarantine

May 21, 2020

Amidst the chaos our world faces in these times, there lies hidden amongst it a grand opportunity to hone the skills required for a future career. By the end of quarantine, you could potentially have the skills to start making a profit and some serious skills to put on a resume. There are multiple ways to start developing a path to the future with the time we have.
E-books and websites like Quora are great ways to develop skills in any profession. E-books allow you to access a nearly limitless amount of literature on any topic you could think of and give you direct knowledge on various careers. Meanwhile, websites like Quora allow you to ask professionals directly about various things related to your career goals, which can prove to be extremely beneficial as at the moment we can’t ask our teachers for help directly.
In the architectural field, there are plenty of ways to study designs and architecture online. One of these ways is to create a Pinterest account, where many aspiring designers post their own creations and designs. It’s a good way to see what looks good and what doesn’t and to see various patterns that you could incorporate in your own designs.
If you’re thinking about becoming an educator yourself, most of this work is done through college or hands-on. However, notice how our educators are handling the situation. Being prepared for unprecedented situations is part of being an educator, and you can learn from how they deal with these kinds of situations during these times.
There are a variety of careers that allow you to work from home as well. I believe among all careers these are the best to learn at the moment because these skills are very useful to know just in case you’re ever out of a job. Online data entry, graphic design work, transcription, freelance writing, and editing, as well as bookkeeping, are all examples of careers that allow you to work from home, and careers that you can build the skills to do online as well. is a very good resource if you want to jumpstart your career, as thousands of people place projects every day that you can bid on and potentially make some money, although you may have some difficulty being chosen at this age, you can at least develop the skills needed on this website through practice and by seeing what jobs people want done.
If you have a car at home and a parent willing to help you out, you can build some skills in the automotive industry. There are thousands of online tutorials detailing the mechanizations of cars and how to fix various automotive issues. By working on your car at home, you can also get used to the general layout of vehicles and it could provide useful in later automotive projects you may embark in.
If you want to go into the agricultural industry, this is definitely an industry that is better learned with hands-on experience and through connections. If you grew up on a farm and have some land of your own, this will be a lot easier to jump start. If not, the best thing to do with this time is to try to build connections with farmers that you know or maybe look into some internships that you could pursue once quarantine is over.
If you are an aspiring artist, this is a golden opportunity to learn skills in various online programs that could be beneficial to your future. Photoshop, for example, is used by thousands of graphic designers to this day, and having skills in photoshop can help you jumpstart a career. However, you cannot install photoshop on a school laptop, so you’ll have to use a personal computer in order to build skills on it. If you can’t access Photoshop, there are multiple drawing exercises on Youtube and such that can help you improve your basic drawing skills, so if you’re bad at drawing, this is a golden opportunity.
If you’re going into a government-related profession, the internet is a massive database of government-related sources. Throughout the internet, you can find access to presidential debates and conferences which you can use to learn speech skills and learn more about your party as well as the ideals that lay atop the political spectrum. is a great access to government information and even has a guide to help you start a small business.
If you are going into a science-related field, it is likely that your home is a hidden treasure trove of scientific material you didn’t even know was there. On websites like, you can find thousands of science experiments that likely don’t require much more than what you already have at home. Science is also a really diverse field; look into different sectors of science to find out what experiments may suit it.
By the end of quarantine, you may be able to incorporate these skills into a small business or a freelancing career. With unforetold situations such as COVID-19, comes opportunity. And by developing your career skills, you can take advantage of these situations.

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