Clear room, clear head

How cleaning can improve mindset

October 24, 2019

After coming home from a long day of school, most teenagers just want to relax and kick back. Usually teens just throw down their things and are hesitant to clean up right away. Typically they put cleaning up off and many unnecessary items start piling up until it’s a monstrous heap on the floor that’s in the way. This can become a habit and make their room extremely messy. This can make one feel uncomfortable, disorganized, and anxious.

“My room is usually messy since right after school I’m tired and just throw my stuff everywhere,” sophomore Odalys Cruz said. “My room makes me sound and look irresponsible even though I’m not. I try to clean it, but since I come out of [soccer] practice I’m tired, so I don’t get to it right away.”

One of the things about having a cluttered room is that it can make a person’s mood totally change.

“Having a disorganized room makes me feel anxious,” freshman Summer Stephens said. “When I’m doing something else all I can think of is what if my dog is getting into the trash I was supposed to take out last night.”

One tip for dealing with a disorganized room is to put everything up and away as soon as the person gets home. It’s understandable that teenagers are busy and might not have time to thoroughly clean as soon as they get home, but putting everything where it’s supposed to go can help make it easier along the way.

Being organized can make someone feel way better about themselves and it can even improve their mood.

“When I’m on a role and doing my chores it gives me more motivation,” Cruz said. “When that happens, I do finish my homework.”

According to, cleaning your room will have many positive outcomes like saving time, heath improving, and having more motivation.

Clear space, clear mind is a popular quote and it basically means that having an organized and free space can make one feel more accomplished and ready to tackle other things.

Cleaning may not be easy, but it’s never to late to get started. Having a more organized living space might even make the person more organized and able to do things they enjoy.

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