Five simple ways to save money


Photo by Jasmin Lykke

A representation of a person putting their money back into their wallet so they won’t spend it.

Many people in the world can relate to the struggle of saving money.  Saving money is extremely difficult. When people see something they want, they have this urge to get it no matter the cost or how it will affect them in the future. Whether it be wanting to buy a new game or even new shoes. It’s tempting to want to buy constantly, so here are a few simple ways to save money.


1. Carry a less amount of money: 

When people carry extra money on them they tend to want to spend more when they see things they like because they have the extra money.  It’s important for people to make sure to carry enough money for their needs, but to try not to go over that limit of spending.


2. Have a savings jar: 

This step is extremely easy. Just find a jar and start putting money in it. Whether it be loose change or some extra bills. It adds up after a while, if untouched.


3. Have a list of what is most wanted to buy and least wanted: 

This is an excellent way for people to stay organized and set their priorities straight. It helps people buy what they ultimately need and then if they have extra money, they can buy what they desire.


4. Start a savings account:

This is also sort of like a savings jar but instead, it’s in the bank. It’s a good way to only get money out when the person desperately needs it.


5. Have some self-control:

This may sound vague but having control is the best way to save. For example, if a person is shopping and wants something expensive but they know it may hurt them in the long run, they can save that money and buy it another time. It’s okay for people to treat themselves every once in a while. Just be wise when doing this.


As teenagers, learning about saving money is a good way to help prepare for the future. Even though it takes a lot of hard work and wheel power, people are going to grow up and have to make money, so it’s good to start knowing how to save now.