Students thoughts on incoming freshman

April 26, 2019

Amariah Smith
Here is a picture of freshman Allana Carpenter.

The first year of high school is a very stressful time. Making a good impression, meeting new people, moving from intermediate school into high school, new teachers, and much more. Everyone knows how it feels to be the new students in the school and wanting to fit in or be popular. There are many factors of moving to a new school that can cause anxiety. 

Being new to the school can be very nerve-racking.

“Of course, you’re going into the high school with tons of people and you have this huge responsibility,” freshman Allana Carpenter said. “It’s definitely intimidating, and personally, I don’t think anyone’s ever prepared, teachers can only do so much, it’s all up to the student but again some may be prepared, some may not.”

Getting involved with school activities can help with making new friends.

“I think not knowing anyone helps you make new friends and make you try new things and get more involved in things,” sophomore Audrey Marhsall said.

Going into high school is a huge step and being prepared is crucial.

“It’s a whole new setting so they don’t know what to prepare for but when I was in middle school my teacher prepared us for the high school work,” Marshall said.

Having siblings coming into high school can be stressful, but may be beneficial.

“I have a sister, and I do think it’ll be beneficial to her because being in high school will teach you a lot about yourself and others,” Carpenter said. “I’ll definitely help her with anything she needs or has questions with.”

There are always regrets from high school and learning from them is what’s important.

“I wish I focused more when it came to grades and on finals, I definitely slacked off this year,” Carpenter said.

Sometimes it’s good to know upperclassmen to understand the school, teachers, and classes.

“I know a good handful of them and I’m ready to see them every day but also build a better bond with some I wasn’t as close to,” Carpenter said.

One of the biggest struggles of being new to a big school and a new environment is finding the way around the school.

“Finding my way around the school the first couple weeks was hard but also the anxiety of being in the high school with new people,” Carpenter said.

Some students have different thoughts on incoming freshmen.

“I don’t really mind them but I don’t pay attention to them because they can be immature and annoying,” Marshall said.

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