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These pictures show more popular styles that people wear everywhere.

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Stepping into old trends and new styles

Students’ thoughts on new clothing trends and different styles

April 26, 2019

In society, there are different people, styles, taste, personalities, and opinions. Choosing a style can be a struggle or it can be a piece of cake but whatever it may be it’s something that is supposed to make people happy. There are a lot of trends spreading everywhere, and many people are wondering what others thoughts are.

Finding a style isn’t hard but finding a style that is most likable and comfortable can be.

“I don’t mind the trends and new styles because I feel like that’s how people express their self,” freshman Maddie Kendall said.“If wearing something different makes you happy and feel good then don’t hesitate to put it on.”

Many people have different taste in what they wear but it all depends on the style.

“I like ripped jeans and jean on jean because I think it’s a cute style and everyone’s wearing it,” sophomore Storm Whalen said.

DIY videos have gone viral and also started a new trend.

“I try a lot of DIY stuff and that also starts new trends which are super exciting,” freshman Khalidah Hickson said.

There are so many different styles and different favorites.

“I like to roll my jeans up and wear long socks because it’s cute but it’s also very trendy,” Whalen said. “My personal favorite trend/style is ripped jeans just because it adds an edge to my outfit which I think is really cute.”

Sometimes going out of your comfort zone can be nerve-racking but changing things up is not a bad thing.

“I don’t like a lot of things on me but it looks good on other people and I wish I could be a little braver,” Kendall said. “There’s always one person or a few people that just have the courage to wear clothing or anything that is very different and never seen before and I think that is good that we have people like that at our school.”

“I don’t mind the trends and new styles because I feel like that’s how people express their self. If wearing something different makes you happy and feel good then don’t hesitate to put it on.””

— freshman Maddie Kendall

Many people are starting to bring back “throwback” outfits and there are a lot of opinions on it.

“I think a lot of “old” styles are coming back such as scrunchies, fanny packs, hoop earrings, crocs, mom jeans, and a lot of other styles,” Hickson said “The old styles should come back because our style right now is a little too basic but the styles from back then are more creative and unique.”

Social media can be an indicator of new trends, but it does not always reflect reality.

“I feel like people who start trends are maybe known for on social media but not so much outside of social media,” Hickson said. “There are a lot of trendsetters in school and people that are more social can get it spread around faster.”

Since everyone has a different taste and style, everyone is going to have a different opinion.

“I’m not a big fan of crocs but they look cute on other people and I personally don’t think they should be a trend,” Whalen said. “I feel like there are different trends for certain types of people.”

Having a limit on what to wear can be frustrating, but making things personalized can make someone’s closet look better.

“I’m happy that we can wear more things at the High School and have a wider variety instead of getting in trouble all the for breaking a more strict dress code dress code,” Kendall said.

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