The pressure that comes when choosing a career in high school

Photo by Jasmin Lykke

High school is the time where most students decide what career they’ll be doing for the majority of their lives. In college, they’ll choose a major that will determine what job fields they’ll be in. In high school, some students are set on a career they have picked out, while others tend to have more trouble.

“I want to do something that makes me happy because that’s very important,” senior Brisa Calderon said. “I see myself probably working at a cafe or something like that. The struggle I went through was actually picking out of all the jobs I wanted to do but I’ve had this in mind since the beginning of high school.”

Choosing something that makes the person both happy and something that is realistic can be difficult.

“It was definitely a struggle for me at first, freshman McKenzie Wysong said. “It was hard for me to find something that I was passionate about and realistic, but when I did I knew it was something that has always been in my mind.”

Some students have different techniques for choosing their future career. Whether it be learning about it in school or doing online research.

“I’ve had inspirations to help me choose,” Calderon said. “Mostly my mom.”

Another challenge most students go through is changing their minds repeatedly.

“I’ve changed my job choice so many times in the past,” Wysong said. “But the job I have my heart set on is something in the education field like teaching, that’s what I know I want to do.”

There are thousands of jobs in the world like teaching, being a veterinarian, journalist, or owning a restaurant but picking the right one can come with many barriers.

“The obstacles I’ve gone through is trying to make enough money,” Calderon said. “Also having time for other things I want to do in my life.”

Because most students understand the struggle of choosing a career, Wysong shares some of her own personal tips when choosing a career path.

“Think about what you have always dreamed of doing,” she said. “Ask yourself questions relating to your future. For example, when you think of your future, where do you see yourself? When you think of jobs, what is one job that you believe will make you happy and something that you see yourself doing?”