Students thoughts on foreign languages

Opinions on a wider variety of offerings in the language department


Infographic by Madeline Slusher

This infographic shows many different foreign languages in other schools.

High school is a time to try new things, explore, and experience activities outside of one’s comfort zone. Having different choices for a foreign language is very important to many students. For some, it’s a must-have for college but for others, it’s just for fun. Traveling is a really big passion for students and going to other foreign sites. With this idea, people need to learn about the cultures  of other nations.

Having only two options for a language can limit students, and can be frustrating not to have the foreign language of your choice.

“Personally I feel as if I made it hard to succeed to my full potential because I couldn’t get my diploma that I originally wanted to get because of the lack of language choices,” junior Maddie Brunton said.

People take an unfamiliar language class for all types of reasons, whether it be for fun or college.

“I think taking a language is very important especially with all the cultures we have on Earth,” sophomore Ely Young said. “Some benefits for taking a foreign language is meeting new people outside of your culture and traveling, if you want to travel.”

In high school, there are many foreign exchange students and many other students find it beneficial to learn their language.

“When you take a foreign language you learn a lot about the culture and it would make foreign exchange students feel a lot more comfortable,” sophomore Xavier Williams said. “They’re learning our language, why not learn theirs?”

Many students however, don’t take a foreign language because they don’t find it important.

“I am currently okay with these options because at the moment I have no further interest in any other languages other than Spanish and French,” freshman Mark Brunton said. “The foreign languages at the moment of being a high schooler seem useless.”

There are many benefits of taking three or more years of a foreign language in high school.

“I think it’s important to learn Spanish and French because they’re common languages but it would be nice to have a larger selection,” sophomore Ashlyn Spurrier said. “It’s very beneficial to know things like this and will help us in college, work, traveling and especially in a bigger place and a lot more people around.”

I think taking a language is very important especially with all the cultures we have on Earth”

— sophomore Ely Young

Even taking one year of Spanish or French could be useful when going to different places.

“I haven’t really been using it that much but if I ever wanted to travel or go to where they speak Spanish then it would definitely be beneficial,” Young said.

Taking a foreign language can be difficult, especially knowing only one language.

“Spanish is pretty interesting and complicated because in English we have many grammar rules but every language has different rules,” Williams said.

There are many options that could be added to the foreign language class selection.

“I think sign language would be an awesome and different language choice,” Maddie said. “I think a lot of people would want to take it as well which could be a good alternative to Spanish and French.”

Other  schools offer more languages and some teach students at a young age to prepare them for high school and life afterwards.

“The language opportunities at RHS worked out perfectly for me because I took French in fifth and sixth grade then Spanish in seventh and eighth grade,” Mark said.

There are many different reasons why taking a foreign language is important and recommended.

“Taking a foreign language helps to broaden high schooler’s horizons and can help later in life and allows you to have more opportunities than others,” Maddie said.