What goes on behind RHS Register doors


Walking into the room, it feels like home. Everyone is working hard, doing what they are passionate about. The RHS Register is a place that doesn’t judge a person for doing what they love. The Register is Richmond High School’s newspaper, which comes out with monthly paper issues and online stories every day to keep RHS students updated. While it may seem easy, there is a long process and many steps before anything can be published. Here’s what Register staff members do in order to give the best news to Richmond High School.

First, the staff members begin the process by submitting five story ideas each. These ideas are for both the newspaper and website. Once these ideas have been suggested, the staff reads through all of them to decide which stories are worth writing. These stories can be used for the website, the next paper issue or future issues. Staff members are not allowed to write stories that have been done in the past four years to make sure they cover as many topics as possible.

Once the story topics have been assigned, the staff starts the interview process.
The staff makes sure to interview people that haven’t been interviewed this school year to reach as many different people as possible. The Register has a list of all the people in the school, recording which students have been interviewed to ensure they find the ones who haven’t. Once a staff member finds a good person to interview for their story, they will get in contact with that person and ask for permission to interview them. Once they have permission, they will set up an interview, making sure they know when and where they are doing an interview and what questions they will ask.
Once interviews are complete, staff members will go through and find the quotes that have the most potential to be used in their story.

After interviews are complete, staff members begin to work on the rough drafts and editing.
The Register staff members sometimes use a “plan your work” sheet which is helpful when outlining a story. When rough drafts are complete they will be submitted to Google Docs, where the staff can edit and fix any errors in each other’s stories. These edits can be small things such as spelling, grammar, and punctuation to big things like changing leads, transitions, words, and more. Staff members edit individually and in small groups. When a staff member finishes editing a story they put their name at the bottom of the story to show they have finished editing that story.
These edited rough drafts are now steps away from being a complete story.

Once rough drafts are done, the staff starts to work on final drafts, making everything organized and perfect. These final drafts are taken into account and not all stories will make it into the paper issue. Those that do, will either receive a single page or two pages to work with. After being assigned pages, the staff members begin to work on the overall design of their page. Pages are made up of headlines, bylines, the story, a graphic or picture, and sometimes an advertisement. Not all members have pages in the paper issue, but everyone is still present in the computer room to help others with their pages. When pages are finalized they are sent to the printer, where the papers are produced, and come back a couple days later. When the papers come back the staff distributes them to the many newspaper racks around the school, where RHS students can pick them up to read.