A lack of money costs students education


In Denmark, I could never imagine worrying about the cost and debt that comes with earning a college education, but here in America, this is a harsh reality many students in this school, state, and country face. Students are overloaded with the pressure of getting the perfect grades and money to go to college. There are programs and scholarships to help lift this pressure, but there are requirements and it can be challenging to earn them, because of the large request.

Students, who are in the middle class aren’t able to get a 21st-century scholarship, because their parents make too much money. This is a problem for some students because their parents still don’t make enough money to send them to college, which leaves the student with the responsibility.

One of the many students that face this reality is senior Mackenzie Gabbard. She hasn’t earned the 21st-century scholarship and lives in a house of three other soon to be/current college students. The payment is a large worry and burden for students like Gabbard because that might stand in the way of reaching her goals.

“I’m worried about just being able to pay for it, that’s obviously scary because if I can’t pay for it, I won’t be able to get my dream job,” Gabbard said.

Students apply for multiple scholarships to decrease their future debt and student loans.

In junior Morgan Rich’s opinion, everyone could use the additional support because it could be beneficial in the future.

“I feel like no matter how much money you have or don’t have, you could use the support in the long run,” Rich said.

A lot of thought and consideration goes into picking the right college, but should money be the thing holding students back? Junior Dustin Wilson believes that the education expenses play a role in the selection of a college or even going to college.

“I feel like money is a contributing factor to a lot of people’s decision to go to college.”  Wilson said.

In Denmark, college is free and not to mention getting paid $100 – $900 every month for studying. Students don’t have the pressure of money, getting scholarships and the need for perfect grades. They are getting full support and are encouraged to get an education of their choice. Gabbard really liked the idea of that, whereas Wilson had more critical eyes on the matter.

“I think that’s an amazing idea until I’m the one spending all my tax pay and money on it,” Wilson said.   

His concern is coming from getting higher taxes and helping others paying for their education. The money to fund free colleges, as well as a payout, comes from high taxes. There are a lot of factors, that effect students and their decisions concerning college. Money definitely is a factor, but does it really hold students back from getting their dream education, or is it just a complication on the way there?


Facts on 21st Century Scholar

21st Century scholar is a scholarship that can be earned to provide undergraduate tuition to students for up to four years at any participating public college or university in Indiana. Students must sign up for this scholarship in the 8th grade. If you attend a private college, the state will award an amount similar to a four-year public college. If you attend a participating proprietary school, the state will award a tuition scholarship equal to an Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana.