Hispanic Heritage Month: Why aren’t we recognizing it?

Melany Dominguez, Managing Editor

As I am walking down the hallways of Richmond High School, I notice that we have nothing up for Hispanic Heritage Month and I begin to wonder if my culture doesn’t matter as much as others. I always see something up for Black History Month but why not Hispanic Heritage month? Whenever it is Black History Month, I see a big poster up in the hallway and on the announcements they always mention it, but we have nothing up for Hispanic Heritage Month.

Hispanic Heritage Month is a month that is meant to celebrate Hispanics and Latinoamericanos in the United States and everything they have contributed.

Hispanic Heritage Month begins September 15th and ends on October 15th. I have been here at RHS for two years and I have never heard anyone at this school bring attention to Hispanic Heritage Month.

Hispanic and Latinoamericanos make up the largest ethnic group in the United States, according to CNN, but still that seems to not matter. Every September 15th, I get the hope that maybe this year will be different and that, finally, Hispanic Heritage Month will be recognized, but every September 15th I am yet again disappointed.  

200 is the number of Hispanic/multiracial students we have here at RHS, 200 students whose heritage doesn’t seem to be put into consideration. RHS is a school with so much diversity, we are a melting pot of races and ethnicities, but we don’t seem to recognize this and celebrate everyone like we should.

Instead, we chose to only celebrate certain races, which is belittling to those races and ethnicities who aren’t celebrated and recognized.

The American Hispanic population continues to grow everyday with around 58 million and counting, yet here at RHS that doesn’t seem to really matter.