Volunteer work for high school students

When Brooke was younger she always wanted to help her mom with her cake business. When she got a little bit older her mother decided to let her help out and go with her to markets and events. All she did was bag all the cake pops and put the designated label on each cake pop, and she would also help her mom sell cake pops. Whether it’s helping at your parents job, painting, or standing up for what you believe in, volunteer work can be found anywhere within simple tasks, like senior Calli Hammock.

Volunteering isn’t just about helping out your mom or a friend, it’s much more than that. There is so much you can do for your school and your community. For example, senior Calli Hammock painted the Career Center bathroom with a group of friends.

“I’m in the New Innovations class and we had to come up with a project to start,” Hammock said. “The project had to be about something you are passionate about.”

Volunteer work is simple to find, it could be the simplest thing like helping someone out.

“I am very passionate about helping others and making sure they feel good about themselves so this seemed like the perfect way to do that,” Hammock said.

Making a change to help others or just to inspire others is something that Hammock is very passionate about.

“I feel like as people see all the artwork in the bathrooms it will inspire them to want to keep it going,” she said “I hope the inspirational impact on others really comes through.”

Hammock wants to make a difference and hopefully, have a huge impact on incoming students.

“There’s no saying whether it will or not, but I really hope it is there for a long time and every new person that walks into the high school gets something out of it,” she said.

Out of everything she could have chosen to do, Hammock picked something that was meaningful to her.

“One of the girls I cheer with that lives in Dayton painted her school bathrooms and it had such a positive effect on her school,” Hammock said. “I saw a lot of posts on Facebook and Twitter that really inspired some of the sayings and paintings I picked out.”

In the near future, she plans on finishing each of the bathrooms.

“Each bathroom so far has its own type of theme, for example, the second-floor bathrooms are going to correlate with each other, quote and picture wise,” Hammock said. “One will be a quote about the sun and the other about the moon.”

If you can’t volunteer within your school, you can always volunteer within your community or city. Junior Kayla Walker is a part of the Wayne County Democrats and she helps out within our community.

“I first joined the Young Democrats group last year around April after there was a lot of school shootings going on and I just knew I wanted to make a change and so I needed to get involved first somewhere small, so my city council, and help out with that,” Walker said

Around the community of Wayne County, they look for people to vote and encourage them to do so.

“Pretty much there’s a thing when you’re trying to get people to vote in your city or county called canvassing and you basically go knock on doors and you talk to people and ask them how they’re doing and you ask them if they have a plan to vote because voting is so powerful it’s our voice and that’s how we can make a change,” Walker said.

Walker thinks that getting youth involved can be beneficial.

“It’s our voice if we raise these youth up and  teach them that they have that power,” she said.

The Wayne County Young Democrats, or the Wayne County democrats have a meeting once a month. “We have a Facebook page that we reach out to people and we have meetings every month, we usually hold those at Roscoes’ or the council building that’s right next to Dairy Queen that’s in front of Hibberd,” Walker said.

There are so many ways to get involved in your community or school. Ask teachers if there is anything that is available around your community. Ask local businesses or hospitals if they need extra hands cleaning or helping with patients. Take advantage of the volunteer work around your community. In the long run, it could mean a lot to someone.