RHS Green Club Back in Action


A group of Richmond High School students is doing its part to make the world cleaner, one piece of trash at a time. 

The Richmond High School Green Club is dedicated to protecting and helping the environment. The group, with about 20 members, organizes clean-ups throughout the school year. This not only includes collecting paper and recycling at school, but cleaning up areas in the community as well. One of these areas that the Green Club took on was in the gorge near the piano factory on September 4th. 

“We use compostable garbage bags and collect as much trash as we can,” said sophomore member Maggie Zajdel. “This is usually our go-to clean-up spot because the piano factory hosts many events, and trash ends up accumulating.” 

Zajdel adds how noticeable the difference is after the club finishes their work. 

“Our sponsor, Ashley Gray, brought trash bags and gloves,” explained Green Club president Hannah Jenson-Sizelove. “We then broke off into groups of two and tackled different parts of the area. We’d pick up any trash we saw, and then meet back up an hour later so Mrs. Gray can take the trash bags to the dump. That’s how most of our trash clean-ups go.” 

Jensen-Sizelove added how they try to tackle as many parks as they can in a year. 

“We also run the recycling at RHS,” she said.

The club meets often to collect the recycling boxes set up around the school. Members gather the boxes from classrooms and sort through them to remove bottles, cardboard and trash, before transferring them to the larger recycling bins. 

The club has many hopes for the future. “One project we are hoping to start soon is a pollinator garden. We secured a grant to put a pollinator garden in the outdoor courtyard in the library hallway,” Zajdel explained. “With lots of new equipment, we’re now just planning out what and where to place everything.” 

Jensen-Sizelove said they’ll be a focus with working with the city soon, too.

“We also plan to work with the city of Richmond on future trash clean-up initiatives,” she said. 

Everybody is welcome to join the Richmond High School Green Club, which is active year-round.