Introducing Godspell Jr.


Photo by Jaxin Bohn

Godspell Jr cast performing during rehearsal.

Red Devil Players present GODSPELL JR. 

Exceptional education teacher Archer Bunner has played a big part in taking a leading role in the play after previous drama club director William Langley moved. 

Bunner is the choreographer and has helped 

Photo by Jaxin Bohn

tremendously with the club. They are proud of Godspell, Jr., which will debut on Friday and Saturday at Dennis Middle School. 

Bunner and the cast have worked hard since the beginning of January to bring this play to the community. 

“It’s about the story of Jesus but it’s a comedy,” Bunner said. “It’s not modern, a lot of the dialogue is in that old-timey sort of speak.”

“There are a lot of jokes that they add in with that kind of lightness and humor. The whole purpose of the play is about developing community and caring for each other, using more of the positive parables. Like forgiving your neighbors, no matter times they hurt you. It’s a comedic version of the Jesus story.”

Along with changes to the club, COVID has been a significant challenge. 

“This is our first play in two years,” Bunner said.  “It was difficult to get people involved at first. We have ten people in the play and they’ve been working really hard and they sound great. It turned out really well and we pushed through.”

The whole experience has left the group with memories they’ll never forget. 

“We had some rough patches in the middle but people are really coming together,” Bunner said.  “Everyone has come together. That’s the nice joy of theater because you get to know people in a different way. You can play and be silly with them. They’re really coming together now as a cast. There is a lot of support from each other.”


If you are interested in Godspell Jr. check the information below:


  • Conceived and Originally Directed by: John-Michael Tebelak


  • Music and New Lyrics by: Stephen Schwartz 


  • Originally Produced on the New York Stage by: Edgar Lansbury Stuart Duncan Joseph Beruh


  • Director: Jaclyn Bartlemay


  • Choreographer: Archer Bunner 


  • Music Director: Tanner Puterbaugh


  • March 11 at 7:30 p.m; March 13 at 2 p.m


  • Dennis Middle School Auditorium ( 222 NW 7th Street, Richmond, Indiana )


  • $10 per person


  • Masks are required for Event