Reactions to Snowball Cancellation


Graphic by Desteny Casanova

Going into 2022, students had hopes of bringing back old traditions and events. 

As Snowball was originally supposed to be in December, it was moved to February 12th. But as COVID cases began to rise, the administration decided to cancel for the safety of the students. 

“Our priority has always been doing Snowball the best we can while keeping as many students as safe as possible,” Head of Student Council Hunter Lambright said. “Unfortunately, Omicron has made it impossible to safely have a dance this soon.

“We don’t know how much better or worse things will be in a couple of weeks, so we had to make the painful decision to cancel.”

Some may question if prom will suffer the same fate as Snowball. 

“As of now, this will not affect prom,” Lambright said. “We have a very large, open space for prom this year.”

Some students acknowledged that they will miss the event.

“As a freshman when I heard that snowball would be canceled, I was heartbroken,” freshman Keena Barker. “My friends were sad because they wouldn’t be able to see my sick dances.”

And this cancellation is a continuation of an abnormal high school experience for many. 

“It’s annoying because we haven’t really gotten a good dance since COVID has started and it’s our senior year,” senior Haven Bopp said. 

Students also reflect on what future events might look like. 

“And for future events, I just don’t think there’s gonna be any because of how it’s going so far and how we’re already canceling dances,” Bopp said.