Reeling in the Championship

September 3, 2021

Flying across the water at 80 miles per hour, the competitors anticipate the decision-making weigh-in.

Those were the feelings facing juniors Henry Vincent and Ross Peacock as they competed recently in the Indiana High School Bass Federation Competition.

Those anxious feelings were soon replaced by celebration as the duo placed first in the event.

“The competitions are a bass fishing tournament, you go out in teams of two and fish for one day on a lake for seven hours,” Vincent said. “During the day, you work on finding fish and figuring out what they want to eat.

“At the end of the day you take the five biggest fish you caught back to the weigh-in where between 20 to 200 teams will be coming in to weigh in their catch too. The person with the most weight will win the tournament.”

Vincent and Peacock have been fishing partners for two years now and are enjoying it. 

“The most enjoyable part is when setting the hook and you know it’s a big fish,” Peacock said. “But when the fish is in the boat or in the net is the most enjoyable part. Weigh-in is great when everyone is rushing to get back in time.”

But there can be some setbacks. 

“We weren’t feeling great seeing fish but not producing bites,” Peacock said. “This always makes us nervous. But after our first big fish, we felt good but not certain.”

Even though there are hardships, fishing is their passion, and they hope to keep moving forward.

“I’ve been doing this for about four years and I’m still learning new ways, professionals make upwards of $300,000 a win so it’s definitely something I want to keep pursuing,” Vincent said.


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