Governor’s Order Aims For Less Quarantines at School

September 3, 2021

Earlier this week Governor Eric Holcomb issued an executive order to schools across Indiana. 

This order will lessen the number of students going into quarantine across Indiana schools, including RHS. 

Here are some important facts to know as you return to school next week:

These new guidelines only apply to classroom settings. Previously, any student who was a “close contact” with a person who tested positive for COVID-19 was automatically sent home to quarantine unless vaccinated.

Now, because RHS requires the wearing of face coverings in classrooms, students who come into contact with someone that has COVID-19 will be notified and told to keep track of possible symptoms. They will no longer have to quarantine. Holcomb’s hope is that this keeps more students in class more often.

Meanwhile, students who participate in extracurricular activities like sports or who are in the lunchroom can still be forced to quarantine unless they’re fully vaccinated. This is because mask guidelines are lessened in those particular areas.

Students’ opinions vary on the new executive order. 

“I feel like it’s not right because even if you’re not wearing a mask, there have been multiple cases of people still getting COVID even if they are wearing a mask,” senior Molly O’Brien said. “I mean even if you’re a close enough distance from someone I feel like you should [quarantine], I feel like you should be out until you test negative.”

Some believe that it isn’t the best idea. 

“I think it’s stupid that they’re not quarantining students anymore, I get that the masks are supposed to work but they’re not going to if no one wears them the right way and if teachers aren’t reinforcing them,” senior Haylee Croslow said.  “Kids are still getting COVID with the mask mandate, especially now since they’ve eliminated a lot of the precautions that were taken last year.”


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