Drench a Devil Games Set for Friday, May 21


The Richmond High School freshman class council will be hosting the Drench A Devil Games on Friday, May 21 at 7:30 p.m. at Lyboult Field.

A team is composed of four girls and four boys. Each of the teams will participate in at least three water-themed games. The teams will also have one RHS teacher as their “team helper.”

Team helpers will be RHS teachers who volunteer to help in the Drench A Devil Games. They will record the score of their team and help set up each game. 

In the first three games, a point system will be in use. The teams who earn enough points will move on to the next round of three games.

Games in the first round include the “Water Gun Race,” “Relay Race,” and “Three-Legged Race.” 

In the “Water Gun Race,” each team member will take their turn running to get a water gun. After they are finished and they have their own water gun, they can fill it up in their team’s water bucket and sabotage the teams adjacent to them. 

In the “Relay Race,” each team member will take their turn running against opposing team members. After a participant is finished relaying, they can get their water guns and sabotage the other teams again. 

In the “Three-Legged Race,” pairs of two team members will have their legs tied up. The pairs will take turns getting from the front sideline to the back sideline. After a pair is done, they can untie their legs and sabotage once more. 

Games in the second round include Soak the Sponge, Water Gun Seltzer, and Leaky Can. 

In “Soak the Sponge,” each team will have a sponge and two buckets. One of their buckets will have a fill line and the other will have water to absorb with the sponge. Each team member will take turns absorbing water and transferring it into the empty bucket. After they are done, they will help their team get set up for the next game. 

In “Water Gun Seltzer,” one member of each team will wear a necklace with Alka-Seltzer tablets tied to it. The other members will get their water guns filled and try to dissolve the tablets as quickly as possible. When all of the tablets are dissolved, the team is finished. 

In “Leaky Can,” each team will have one trash can with holes in it and one big bucket with water. One member of the team will take the pitcher and collect as much water as they can from the bucket. Then, they will go to the trash can with holes and empty it. Other members of the team will be covering the holes with their hands. Each team member will take turns collecting and emptying water. 

Each team will be named by the color that they choose while registering. They will also wear this color to the Drench A Devil games. One person from each team will register their team. 

Teams must register through the Google Form in the announcement named “Register for the First Annual “Drench A Devil” games!” on the RHS Students Canvas page by Monday, May 17 at 11:59 PM