Annual Celebration of Excellence & Teacher of the Year Award


On May 4th, there was the annual Celebration of Excellence where the teachers, paras, and school administrators within RCS were celebrated for their work. 

Featured above is Mrs. Philpot.

One of the prestigious awards was Teacher of the Year, where students nominate the candidates, and among those selected, the teachers voted amongst themselves for who they would nominate for Teacher of the Year. 

Many were selected and the recipient of this award went to Emily Philpot, who not only won Richmond High School teacher of the year, but was honored as the corporation’s teacher of the year.

Philpot is an alternative education teacher at Richmond High School, but also she runs the Food Pantry for families in need of food. 

Her and her students run the food drive bringing in produce and shelving them in boxes for the families. They can commonly be seen during the week hauling large carts of food to the outside of the building.

Yet even being nominated for the award, there was a sense of uneasiness that comes forth of being the winner even when you don’t think you deserve it.

“I don’t see myself, you know, as that and so that’s been hard, it’s been uncomfortable. I’m not in my usual lane, there is an uneasiness with that. I’m grateful and humbled by it and overwhelmed by it,” Philpot said.

Principal Josh Amyx has worked with Philpot for many years.

“I think there is nobody better than Mrs. Philpot at making a connection with kids, of all backgrounds, and abilities educational wise,” Amyx said.

Since December 2016, she has been at the forefront of the food pantry and giving kids an opportunity to change their lives and grant them success.

Companies and churches from around the community help supply the food pantry to make sure it is able to help the community. 

Even after the achievement, Philpot’s fundamental priorities still have not changed and she is looking forward to next year. 

“The things that people have shared and I guess if anything it has me re-energized for August, let’s go at it again, let’s find better ways and things we can improve.”