Renovations underway in RHS Library

RHS staff have packed books. (Liz Ruger)

Huge upcoming changes are happening in the RHS library in the next few weeks. 

What exactly are those changes, well Ann Homer, the RHS librarian, shares what exactly is going down. 

“[The renovations] are something that they’ve talked about for a couple of years now and then finally we got the go-ahead sometime last year,” she said. “During the summer Ms. Wooply emailed me to say we’re going ahead with the flooring. [Flooring is] all we’re getting done right now.”

The renovations have been a long time coming. 

“We have been very fortunate that the flooring and furniture have lasted for generations,” Jeremy Hill, eLearning specialist, said. “However, it is time to replace them. The flooring in the high traffic areas will be tile – that should help it last even longer.  We will be installing more high-top tables and countertop areas for students to work and recharge their devices.”

An important detail to know is when the renovations are taking place. 

“During Fall Break is when they’re doing all the flooring,” said Homer. “October 12-16.”

Students who have classes in the library might be wondering what it’ll look like this week for them.

There should be little to no impact,” said Hill. “We have been having classes and students in and out like normal all semester.  [The media center] will be closed from October 5-9 to finish packing. This will allow the flooring to be replaced over Fall Break. We will unpack as soon as we return. We don’t anticipate this to take long.  We will use a team approach and have things up and running quickly.”

The library will also be closed, meaning books cannot be checked out. 

“The reason I’m closing the library this week is that I have to box up all the books on the shelves,” said Homer. “There won’t be books available to take out. Students can still be in the library. When we come back from fall break, I have to unpack the books so it won’t be open right away.”

The results will be beneficial to not only staff but for students too.

“The outcome will be more flexible room for our students to work both individually and in groups,” Hill said. “I am excited to see how it looks when everything is finished.  I am also excited to see the students and staff enjoy the space. It will give classes, groups, and individuals more room to work.  It will give students space to spread out, charge their devices, and get work done.  It moves the media center to a feel similar to that of a college environment.”

Homer shares her thoughts on the renovations. 

“Libraries are evolving, it’s not just a place to check out books and read books,” she said. “There are other activities and things that can go on in libraries.”


Important things to remember:

  • The renovations are taking place over Fall Break, 12th-16th
  • The only thing being done right now is the flooring
  • The library will be closed the 5th-9th, meaning books cannot be taken out
  • The media center will also be closed the 5th-9th to finish packing
  • Students are still allowed in the library this week, books will not be available