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April 27, 2020

Graphic by Desteny Casanova

After multiple restless weeks of uncertainty, it seems like RHS is finally moving forward with the rest of our year. And although this plan may spark some controversy, it may be the only option we have moving forward.
The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the entire globe and still continues to do so as a war is being fought against it. However, among students, seniors may be the ones most affected, hence why we have taken several countermeasures supporting our senior students, like the graduation plan, in which seniors can still graduate as long as they have enough credits earned from the classes they were enrolled in and any classes prior to that, and they can raise their current grades by participating in the extended learning plan.
“I think it’s a good idea because this is honestly a once in a lifetime incident and education is honestly in the back of most people’s minds right now,” senior Jackson Haynes said. “Everyone wants to stay safe. I don’t think there should be a consequence for going through a pandemic.”
Although some students think the plan is perfect for the situation we’re in, some students can see what could be potential negatives with the plan as well.
“I think that the idea is good and bad,” senior Brianna Mullins said. “I believe it is a good idea because the E-learning allows the students who need it to get their grade up, but it isn’t the greatest idea because there are people who are [struggling at] learning online.”
Although there may be negatives with this plan, it may be the only choice there is. It would be difficult to enforce more efficient learning methods at this time.
“I believe that they are doing their best and using the best of what they have and online learning I believe tends to be the best of what we have right now,” Mullins said.
RHS still continues to provide learning opportunities for students. However, the seniors will potentially be left without graduation or prom as the school continues to monitor the situation, and whether or not we should risk one is up to the interpretation of students.
“I wouldn’t cancel prom,” sophomore Jay Wang said. “Most of the students are not happy about this.”
Prom and graduation are high school traditions that have kept on for centuries, so it’s no surprise that students may feel strongly about keeping prom and graduation going this year. However, some may argue that the severity of the pandemic may not be worth the risk.
“Even if there is one death, it’s not worth those events,” Haynes said.
Although these events may be considered not worth risking, some students argue that one event may be more important than the other. The symbolization of graduation may be worth the risk of stepping on that stage.
“I believe that graduation would be more worth the risk than prom because graduation is a bigger milestone for the seniors,” Mullins said. “Graduation gives us seniors closure from high school and [helps] us to move on and know that we actually completed high school.”
Rather than enforcing daily e-learning assignments, teachers plan on creating “weekly agendas” that students can complete in order to increase their grades. These assignments are not punitive, meaning that if a student is confident in their grades, they aren’t required to complete them, and this plan seems to go along well with most students.
“I think it’s something new for the teachers,” Wang said. “I think it’s a good idea because it can help increase grades.”
Outside of the learning plan the school offers, this downtime may be a great opportunity for students to pursue other skills. Students can start thinking about and preparing for their careers.
“I think this is the perfect time to master a career that you want to go into that school doesn’t offer help for,” Haynes said. “I think right now whatever you are interested in you should do your best to supply yourself with the tools to do that. If you can’t financially, you should try to find [a way] to work around [that].”
This pandemic has had a major effect on not only students but many people across the globe, as this is the first time that the majority of us have experienced this. However, we can utilize this time to keep helping each other out and by innovating and using the free time we have to do something great.

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