Corona closes schools until at least May 1

RCS schools are now closed until May 1st. Coronavirus is happening all over the country, affecting a lot of people. It is a respiratory illness that can spread from person to person. But no one really thought it would affect us, a small town in Indiana. Students are having some mixed reactions.

“My first reaction was happy of course cause we weren’t gonna have school, but it scared me at the same time,” freshman Madison Powell said. 

Some students might agree with Powell but others don’t and complain about not wanting to go to school, and now since they don’t for a month, some are excited. However, like Powell, the reason schools are closed is making some a bit uneasy.

“I was surprised,” sophomore Jorge Clark said. “I think it was necessary so it doesn’t continue to spread.” 

Some students think that this break may be longer than expected. 

“I feel like it might be [extended],” Powell said. 

The number of Coronavirus cases is rising daily, and more restrictions are being put out as well. Thirty-nine states have decided to shut down schools, some are even closed for the rest of the school year. A result of the closure is that all state testing has been canceled, including ISTEP. As of now, students will go back May 1st.