RCS schools to be closed November 19 to allow teachers to attend rally

Richmond Community Schools has just announced all schools will be closed on Tuesday, November 19 so teachers can attend the Red for Ed rally at the Indiana Statehouse in Indianapolis. The rally is being held with teachers from across Indiana to make the Indiana General Assembly members aware of problems that still need to be solved to make Indiana schools better for students and teachers.

Superintendent Dr. Todd Terrill

In a press release, Superintendent Dr. Todd Terrill explained the closing.

“We want to provide our teachers and staff with the opportunity to exercise their rights and take this day to advocate for public education and for their students,” he said. “We appreciate the collaboration between the leadership of REA president Kelley McDermott and the RCS Board of School Trustees.”

The RCS school board and administrators decided closing was the best option when over 100 RCS teachers had already put in for personal days to attend the event to advocate for Indiana public schools.

In a separate release, the RCS Board stressed the importance of this day for educators in Indiana.

“As a school district, Richmond Community Schools is fortunate to be able to offer competitive salaries,” RCS School Board President Brad Walton said. “Yet we recognize that Indiana as a whole is lagging far behind our neighboring states in providing adequate funding for teacher salaries. Members of the RCS School Board are pleased that such a large group of our Richmond teachers will be supporting their peers.”

The board also expressed the need for more support from the General Assembly. “The RCS Board of School Trustees would much rather our teachers be at school teaching our students, however inadequate funding, excessive high stakes standardized testing and teacher shortages are all results of legislation that the Indiana General Assembly has passed,” the release said.

The day will be made up on Thursday, December 19, 2019.