Snow wins mayoral primary

There was only one contested primary for Richmond residents to vote in on Tuesday, and that was the Democratic primary race to see who would be the party’s nominee for mayor.  Incumbent mayor Dave Snow defeated challenger Jack Cruse 1,021 votes to 527, garnering nearly 66% of the vote. Snow will now face Republican City Councilman Jamie Lopeman in the November election.  

Cruse conceded later Tuesday night. “Thanks to everyone who believed and supported me in my mayoral campaign,” he wrote on Facebook. He also dispelled any notions that he would mount another challenge in the near future.  “I don’t think I will be running anytime soon,” he wrote.

Snow emphasized his gratitude that primary voters chose him to continue in the job he has held for nearly four years. “Moving forward, it’s right back to work tomorrow,” he said.  “There’s a lot going on in our city right now, and a lot more work to do.”

Snow also commended Cruse’s campaign for a hard-fought race and said that unity is the best way forward for the city. Meanwhile, Lopeman held a campaign kickoff celebration on Wednesday, now that he knows who his opponent will be.  He focused on the reasons he is running. “Today’s Richmond is not the Richmond we grew up in,” he told the Pal-Item’s Mike Emery. “We need to make a change, we need to become the change for us to shine.”

With about four months to go until the general election, both candidates have plenty of time to strategize and prepare.  Voters will also have many more decisions to make in November, especially for City Council, where six candidates, three from each party, will compete for three seats in at-large races. If you didn’t vote on Tuesday and aren’t registered, voter registration for the general election will open on May 27th.