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Because of the ocean heating up dramatically sea ice is melting. Polar bears need the ice for hunting because without it they can not catch seals. (Photo provided by Canva)
Because of the ocean heating up dramatically sea ice is melting. Polar bears need the ice for hunting because without it they can not catch seals.

Photo provided by Canva

Climate change

March 19, 2019

Photo provided by Canva
This is Earth, home to everyone. It has changed drastically over the years and now there needs to be a better change to make earth a better home.

Climate change is destroying the environment and the earth. The temperatures are rising and falling constantly, sea ice and glaciers are shrinking, and animals ranges have changed.  Many people are overlooking this. If people don’t start taking action now then nothing is going to change.

Climate change is a change in climate patterns and global patterns, which causes the environment to change. The earth’s levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide have increased vastly. The reason for it increasing is because of the use of fossil fuels. The average temperature has increased by two degrees Fahrenheit in the 20th century. Even though it may seem extremely small, it causes huge changes in the environment.

There are extremely dire consequences if climate change isn’t stopped. There are already some shifts happening. Marine life is starting to migrate, there are extreme heat waves, temperature rising dramatically, and the ocean is heating up, causing glaciers and ice to melt which affects animals like polar bears. The polar bears are dying due to starvation. The melting sea ice is shrinking 14% each decade, according to National Geographic. 

Most scientists predict that by 2100 extreme effects are going to take place. Animals will go extinct, there will be limited fresh water to drink, and more wildfires. Scientists also describe all these events as an apocalyptic nightmare.

Most people don’t know that this is happening. It’s not taught about in school, so students aren’t educated about it. It’s important to know what is going on worldwide because if everyone knows what is going on, then everyone can help. It’s easy to help. It’s just changing up the routine a little.

The first thing that can contribute to stopping climate change is to recognize the problem and do some research.

Photo provided by Canva
Fossil fuels are causing air pollution and filling the atmosphere with greenhouse gases.

Fossil fuels are one of the main reasons why climate change and even global warming is happening.  Burning fossil fuels adds to the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere which leads to the greenhouse effect, the trapping of the sun’s warmth in Earths lower atmosphere. This eventually leads to climate change and global warming as well so using less fossil fuel could help tremendously. Using other energy sources like renewable energy is a way to get away from using fossil fuels.

Renewable energy is also an excellent way to help with climate change because it’s energy that won’t run out and that can be reused. It comes from renewable resources like the sun. Solar panels and wind turbines are examples of renewable energy.

Wasting fewer items is also a helpful way to contribute as well. Many people buy, consume, buy some more, consume some more and keep repeating this cycle. Just practicing recycling, repurposing, upcycling, and making items can make the environment and earth a better place.

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