Women’s Fund Grant recipients Charley Catt and Joshlyn Sandlin (Photo by Tanazia Deloney)
Women’s Fund Grant recipients Charley Catt and Joshlyn Sandlin

Photo by Tanazia Deloney

Automotive Students Women’s Grant

March 14, 2019

Two female Automotive students, seniors Charley Catt and Joshlyn Sandlin, received a grant from the Women’s Fund Foundation of Wayne County on March 2nd. The grant was given to help support the Automotive program.

“The grant we were given by the Women’s Fund organization was for a new Wheel/Tire Balancer and Wheel Lift that can be attached to our Hunter Machines to make it easier to lift the tire,” Catt said.

Being selected for the second highest grant is such a great achievement for the girls.

“Their organization had 34 grant applicants, and they only gave away nine,” Catt said. “Our grant of $1,681.45 was the second highest grant they gave away.”

When receiving a high honor many emotions surfaces such as happiness, excitement and even nervousness.

“Joshlyn and I couldn’t believe it, we looked at each other in astonishment for how much they had given us,” Catt said. “We were so thankful, and everyone in the room cheered and congratulated us on our achievement.”

Photo by Tanazia Deloney Women’s Fund Grant recipients Charley Catt and Joshlyn Sandlin enjoy working on cars and being apart of the RHS Automotive Program.

The seniors were surprised to receive the grant.

“At first, I didn’t know if we would get anything but we did and it’s amazing,” Sandlin said. “I was excited but I wished I was a little more excited. I don’t show my emotions very well.”

Not only was this an achievement for the girls, but it was also an achievement for the Automotive program.

“I thought it was awesome,” Automotive teacher Joshua Summey said. “This was something the girls deserved. As a teacher, I feel blessed to watch that and know that they are being recognized for something that they worked hard for. I was excited to see my students get recognition.”

The girls also receive praise from their peers.

“I thought it was great they got the grant,” senior Zach Woehrmann said. “Automotive has in the past been primarily something that males do and I think the grant shows that women can do the same thing. This is something that will inspire girls to join the program and may take away some fear of not wanting to join.”

Not only were the girls given money for equipment, there were other prizes that come along with this achievement.

“We were also given a plaque with Joshlyn and I’s name on it that will be displayed in the classroom, a special lunch for us to meet with girls interested in the automotive field at the high school,” Catt said.

With these other gifts, the girls are able to show other girls they can and should join Automotive.

“I would like my female students in the future to look at the girls as an example and see what they can do, how they can be and what they can become,” Summey said. “Those two individuals are the perfect automotive students who just so happen to be females.”

Both the girls have high hopes for the program in the future.

“The money will be put into good use and will hopefully help other females overcome the challenges we face in the auto fields and they will become more willing to join the class or the career path,” Sandlin said.

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