Students of the Week – 2/25/19


Jasmin Lykke

The nominated students from each grade for Students of the Week

The Register online has started a new series of “Students of the Week,” where teachers nominate students from every grade who deserve recognition for doing an excellent job. These are the following students who have been chosen for the week of 2/25/19 through 3/3/19. We will update the series every Monday.

9th Molly Mendenhall

Molly is in Chamber Choir, BPA and did JV Golf.

Stephanie Scout had this to say about Molly – “She is so full of kindness, politeness, positivity, enthusiasm and is academically outstanding. She brightens the room with her smile and leaves the room each and every day by thanking me. I’m the one who would truly like to thank her for making 7th period a better place.”

10th Savanah Adams

Savanah is on the RHS Register Staff.

Katie Reising nominated Savanah based of these reasons – “I love having Savanah in class. She is patient, is always ready to learn, and is kind to her classmates. Although Savanah is quiet, she is a deep thinker who has a bright future ahead.”

11th Nakala Bennett

Nakala was a varsity soccer and basketball player, and does varsity track.

Jeffery Williams nominated Nakala based of these reasons – “She is a clerical for the attendance office 5th period and stays busy, but never complains. She even comes up during her other clerical to check on us and make sure we have someone to run passes.”

12th Logan Neel

Logan is in National Honor Society.

Katie Reising nominated Logan based on these reasons – “Logan is a reflective thinker. You can count on him to be at school and he comes into class ready to learn.”