Senior Tyler Winfrey killed in accidental shooting


Senior Tyler Winfrey was killed in what police are calling an accidental shooting on Monday, February 18. Winfrey was shot inside of an apartment on Grand Boulevard in Richmond, Indiana. He was then transported to Reid Hospital where he later died from his wound.

Winfrey impacted many people within his community, from teachers and friends to friendly faces in the hallway.

“He was always very happy, friendly and respectful with a smile on his face when I talked to him in the hallways,” FACS teacher Katie Reising said.

Others remember Winfrey as goofy and loving.

“Tyler was an amazing person,” sophomore Payton Buckley said. “He was always there for you whenever you needed him and there was never a dull moment around Tyler. He could make anyone laugh. Tyler was just sitting on the bus with me talking to me about how he was ready to graduate and how he finally felt like he was getting his life on path and I hugged him told him to keep it up.”

Winfrey impacted most people in the same general ways.

“Tyler was the life of the party,” freshman MaKenahleigh Jones said. “There was never a dull moment with him. He kept everyone on their toes, and always put a smile on everyone’s face.”