Students plan for a better homecoming experience

Shylah Gibson, Editor-in-Chief

After leaving the homecoming dances in the past for the second year now, students have come together to decide it’s time to turn it up a notch. In 2016, student council abandoned the semi-formal dances which used to take place at homecoming because of a lack of student attendance. The upcoming homecoming will have more to hold than just a parade and a football game.

According to senior Isaiah Cox, he has bigger plans for this year’s upcoming event.

“We’re planning on doing homecoming games this year,” Cox said. “It’s kind of like a field day type event and we will have a lot of different things going on around it. It will take place Wednesday, September 19.”

Though student council usually arranges the homecoming events, they have not had much involvement this year with planning and arrangements.

According to Cox, student council will have some involvement.

“Student council is going to set up carnival games also for the people who won’t be playing the games on the field,” Cox said.

The homecoming games will take place after the parade on the 19th, and they will consist of many new activities.

“The games will be after the parade,” Cox said. “On the field, there will be the actual games. There will be the competitions like field day type things.”

For students to sign up for these events, the information will be in Canvas.

“The sign up will be through Canvas and students can choose teams of five guys and five girls,” Cox said. “It doesn’t matter what grade it is and teams will also pick a teacher representative.”

Cox also explains the plans for food trucks to be at the games.

“There are definitely going to be food trucks at the events, there will also be cheer leaders doing face paint,” Cox said.

Voting for the king and queen nominees is currently happening through Canvas, and will end on Friday, September 7th.