Morning modifications


Tanazia Deloney, Reporter

While sitting on the bus Lacey’s stomach growled with hunger, checking the time she sees there is only ten minutes to get from her locker to first period. She scurries off the bus, noticing two lunch ladies passing out to-go breakfast. Ignoring the growling from her stomach, venturing into the cafeteria to get a hot breakfast only to see the doors closed.

“We close hot breakfast at 8:05 because there were a lot of students late to classes due to waiting in line for breakfast,” food service secretary Lisa Focht said. “The whole idea was to do the breakfast out in the hallway, so that it decreases the amount of tardies to class.”

Having breakfast in the hallway has increased the number of breakfasts passed out.

“So far our breakfast counts have almost doubled,” Focht said. “As of Friday, they sold about 119 breakfasts in the hallway.”

Along with the breakfast changes, Focht provides information about free lunches that it given to every student within the school district.

“The reason all students in the district are free this year is because our district qualified for the C.E.P (Community Eligibility Program) which is based on the high free and reduced lunch rates within the district,” Focht said.

There is also new things coming for the breakfast cart.

“We will be giving the lunch ladies crazy fun hats to wear to draw attention and students to the breakfast cart,” Focht said.