Students remember Columbine with walkout

Deadly shooting still leaves lasting impressions

Shylah Gibson, Editor-in-Chief

19 years ago, 12 students and one teacher lost their lives to the event of a school shooting along with 21 additional people being injured. The Columbine school shooting, which occurred on April 20, 1999, greatly increased the debate regarding gun control throughout America, along issues of bullying.

19 years after the tragedy, schools nationwide joined alongside one another to make their stand against school shootings and share their voice in hope for stricter gun laws.

Junior Class President Benjamin May and other students of RHS shared their voice to the group of students who joined the walkout. The student speaker included sophomore Kayla Walker, junior Alex Eastman, junior Justice Lewis, sophomore Kyleeanne Wood, sophomore Melany Dominguez and senior Nivek Killion.

According to CNN, there have already been 20 school shootings so far this year. After the increase of violence occurring in schools, students have began to make their stance.

“It’s been almost four months into the year, and we have already had more school shootings than we should have,” Dominguez said. “How many more? How many more lives have to suffer before our government realizes that something has to be done?”

According to the students who shared their stance on gun control, “we cannot stand silent anymore while our lives are at risk.”