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UltraSurf brings wave of viruses

Isaiah Cox, Online Editor

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The 2017-2018 school year was a groundbreaking year for technology at RHS with the roll-out of laptops for all students. Teachers and students alike have the ability to do their assignments, write their essays, and study for tests. But with this technology, students have attempted to take down the firewall in order to access more websites at the school, but this is becoming an issue for the laptops and the RHS Tech Team.

“If you have been using UltraSurf, uninstall it immediately,” E-Learning specialist Jeremy Hill said. “It has viruses and it will damage your laptop. Psyphon wasn’t as bad because it locked up your device right away. UltraSurf is more dangerous because it works fine for a while, makes you think it is safe, and then it destroys your laptop.”

UltraSurf is a proxy server that students use to take down the firewall, but the firewall is used to block viruses allowing them to ruin the school supplied laptops.

“It costs $350 to replace a laptop if it is destoryed,” Hill said. “Insurance doesn’t cover viruses if you use a proxy server.”

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UltraSurf brings wave of viruses