The viewpoint from students on the “oldies”

Faith Wages, Reporter

Stars shining bright above you… The night breezes seems to whisper ‘I love you’… Birds singing in the Sycamore trees… Dream a little dream of me. – “Dream a Little Dream of Me”, Ella Fitzgerald, 1968.

Music has changed over the centuries, switching from the old styles of Frank Sinatra, The Beatles, or even the Backstreet Boys to Selena Gomez, Beyoncé, or The Weekend.

“Our generation, and younger generations, continue to gravitate more towards rap and hip-hop,” junior Karli Reed said.

Some still accept the older style, finding something that is not present in the modern music. 

“It has a feeling of being happy and carefree that you don’t find very often anymore,” junior Blake Marshall said.

Classics can be lifted higher than the styles of today’s music.

“I actually prefer the older style of music,” Marshall said. “I listen to rock, but I also listen to classics like Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra.”

Some students or adults may not like the style now, but are open to it in the future. 

“Possibly when I get older,” Reed said. “Our taste in certain things change mature, or develop as we age.”

Qualities on such a style can be viewed as either good or bad. 

“It’s really easy to dance to and it makes for a really great time,” junior Allison Luce said. “But sometimes I’m just not in the mood for the songs my mom chooses and she likes to call me a ‘party pooper.’”

Today’s generation may not feel the connection with the older style. 

“I tend to lean more towards our new pop music more than anything because I feel like it gives me more to relate to than 90s music,” Luce said.

Preference on the style may also influence the way you feel about the style. “Some of it is pretty cool,” Reed said. “A lot of it is ‘clean’, it doesn’t have vulgar language and topics like a lot of our music today.”

Some choose to believe the style has never went away, nor shall it ever. 

“I feel that it never really went out of style,” Marshall said. “You may not see it as often but it definitely has a devoted cult following.”