The Rush of the New School Year

August 18, 2021

The final bell rings at 3:30 PM on March 13th, 2020. The halls are buzzing with excitement about how school is out for the next 2 weeks due to a new virus spreading around. Students leave the school not knowing the next time they’ll be back with all their fellow peers will be a year and a half from then, and even then it won’t be the same. 

“Being physically out of school gave me too much free time and I started to slack,” senior Jackson Maracle said.  

Half-empty classrooms, silence filled passing periods, and stranded bleachers at Friday night football games. August 11th, 2021 is the day many have been anticipating, the day RHS felt like RHS again. 

“I almost get emotional, we all do because it’s been so long and so difficult for us all to get through all of this,” Principal Rae Woolpy said, “And now getting to see the halls full again, to see our classrooms full again, to see everybody here at the same time, it is just so exciting.”

Students as well are excited about the new school year. 

“It feels good to have everybody in the same school and just to have everybody back,” freshman Olivia Bailey said. 

With the school being at full capacity, there are some bumps in the road. The classrooms are packed, and there have been some traffic jams in the hallways. One of the struggles some people have had so far this school year is lunchtime. 

“I have C lunch so I enjoy it,” senior Maracle said. “It doesn’t make me nervous because I am around my friends but I can see it becoming an issue in the future.” 

The cafeteria is having issues with staffing positions. 

“We definitely have to wait a long time and we only have a few minutes to eat before we have to go to class,” senior Sheyla Chavez said. 

Although some students are apprehensive about school being at full capacity, many people are just glad to have some type of normalcy this year at school. 

“Being back together is great but it’s definitely way busier and the lines for lunch are a lot longer, but I’m glad I get to be with all of my friends and sit with them at lunch and everything,” junior Rebekah Stanely said. 

Everyone is happy to be back and is looking forward to this year. 

“I think the school year has been going excellent, again everyone is excited to be back and we have had just a fantastic start to the school year,” Woolpy said. 

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