Breaking the Ice COVID Created

August 18, 2021


The chaos of the pandemic has caused many hardships. With the new school year being full participation after one and a half years that can create problems in relationships and in academics. In schools, it’s been very difficult, teachers have to be creative and thoughtful to try to get students to break out of their shells to be more social with their peers.  Several English teachers have found an interesting icebreaker activity. 


Early College English Teacher Karen Ball, and English teacher Ashley Carpenter, as well as many other teachers, are having students work together to solve a puzzle. There is a catch though. While in the groups one student is blindfolded and is the only one allowed to touch the puzzle. All the other students in the group must talk to the blindfolded student through solving the puzzle.

“I saw the activity on TikTok, “ Carpenter said.

Through blindfolding and solving puzzles the students put trust in others, creating relationships and making bonds by just having fun. 

“We are blindfolding one person and then the other three people at the table are supposed to help guide the person that is blindfolded to put the puzzle together,” freshman Amari Jackson said. “This is fun, exciting, and it helps you get to know the other people at your table better. You really have to put your trust in other people in order to put the puzzle together.”

This fun activity is creative and important. Teaching students how to be social again. 

“It’s more important this year than other years because we have been apart for so long and we’re all coming back together,” Ball said. “We just haven’t had a real school experience for a year and a half, so it would be nice for us to get to know each other as people before we jump into academics.”

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