The trails at the Whitewater Gorge. (Kaiya McMahan)
The trails at the Whitewater Gorge.

Kaiya McMahan

Summer Activities

May 26, 2021

Although the school year is coming to an end, summer is just beginning. Summer gives students a much-needed break after a long stressful year of working hard and adapting to many unforeseen changes. 

“I feel like this school year was hard mainly because we had only certain days we were there and I had no motivation to do stuff at home,” junior Carl Owens said. “I am excited about summer because of the break from school and I get to do summer football. This may be my last [time doing it] so I want to enjoy it as much as possible.”

Some wonder what exactly to do this summer due to COVID regulations. This summer many places are reopening, like some restaurant dining rooms and movie theaters. Many places are just waiting to roll out their plans.

There are many inexpensive ways to spend your summer as well. The list is endless. Hanging out with friends, going on walks, picnics, or just going outside are some free and enjoyable activities.  

“Some of my favorite summer activities are to just hang out with people and to participate in my sport,” Owens said. I will be at football and may get a job.”

You don’t have to take a vacation to see interesting sights when there is a vast majority right here in town. Many of these places are inexpensive and worth the visit. 

“Inexpensive things to do in Richmond include going to the splash pad, going to the library, walking on the cardinal greenway trail, and going to the Earlham museum,” junior Brittney Beach said. “My favorite summer activities include staying in and reading, walking, and going to the pool.” 

It’s also a great time to look into a summer job since many students have a large period of free time. 

“Get a job only if you have time to manage one,” Owens said. 

One thing that is incredibly important to remember is to enjoy the time off and to relax. It’s important to spend it in a way that is safe and enjoyable. Both teachers and students deserve the time off after a year filled with hard work. 


Interesting sights in Richmond to visit: 

  1. Richmond Art Museum
  2. Wayne County Historical Museum
  3. Joseph Moore Museum
  4. Cope Environmental Center
  5. Hayes Regional Arboretum
  6. Glen Miller Park
  7. The Whitewater Gorge
  8. Cardinal Greenway Trail
  9. Municipal Pool – Opens on May 29th
  10. Wayne County 4H Fair- June 19-26

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