Night in Paradise Prom

After a year filled with stress, chaos, and extremes amount of change, one thing has stayed the same, the RHS prom will be held on May 15 at RHS in the Tiernan Center from 7-10 pm. Although it’ll look different than any other year, it’ll be a night filled with fun, food, friends, and games.

Ticket sales are available through May 7 for Juniors and Seniors. Students have one more day to buy tickets. Tickets are $20 and you’ll need your student ID to purchase them. You can buy them during lunch or after school from 3-4 pm. 

Everyone has been buzzing about what the theme will be this year, and it’s a Tropical Paradise. Most people need a fun getaway after this very different year and this prom could be your chance to celebrate and have fun. 

“In part, we had a lot of items ready for a Night in Paradise for another canceled event that had never been used and saw this as a perfect opportunity to use them,” RHS Math teacher and head of Student Council Hunter Lambright said. “We also felt like a lot of people were burned out by the past year and a getaway to a tropical paradise was the perfect thing to get people energized for prom heading into this summer.” 

A delicious catered dinner will also be served

“The dinner is being served by the Old Richmond Inn,” Lambright said. “Students could choose between fettuccine alfredo with or without chicken, chicken parmesan, or vegetarian lasagna.” 

Because of COVID, students will unfortunately not be able to dance, but don’t fret, student council has created activities to make the night enjoyable, but they are a surprise. 

“The main thing I can tell you without ruining the surprises of the night is that we have a series of games that will be played for low-level prizes and that we will also have big door prizes throughout the night as well,” Lambright said. “[Door prizes will be things like] gift cards, vouchers for free food from restaurants, bags, and baskets, and maybe even a few high-ticket items for the lucky winners.”

Lambright explains exactly why dancing isn’t permitted. 

“Ultimately, we have to follow local health department guidelines on social distancing,” he said. “If we can isolate students to their tables of six, we can still have an event. That means students will mostly be at their tables for the night. Dinner will come to them, games and entertainment will come to them, etc.”

There is a fun-filled schedule for the night.

“We have an itinerary for the night with details that are still being officially ironed out,” Lambright said. “The main plan is for all students to be seated at their tables no later than 7:30 PM, doors open at 7:00 PM, and then have dinner followed by a night of fun and games.”

You’re able to sit at tables of six with your friends and if you have a larger group, a table will be set close so you all can be together. 

Students will also be able to take photos. 

“There will be a backdrop and John Weber will be taking pictures that will then be posted online for students to print or use as they wish,” Lambright said.

In order to get into the prom, students will need their prom ticket and their current school-issued student ID, if you do not have one go see Mrs. Smith in the career education office soon. The prom is next Saturday.