Students Consider Value of Vaccine


The initial major defense against COVID-19 has finally appeared in the form of the first vaccine developed within such a short period of time. Even with hope on the horizon, some are skeptical of this new “rushed” vaccine. Is this new breakthrough in medical technology truly our hope for escaping this sad era?

Students have their own opinions on whether or not this vaccine will be effective. These opinions are primarily driven from how they think the vaccine will impact the populace as a whole.

“If it works it should bring down the number of patients,” sophomore Chandler Hatch said.

Just as some are hopeful of this new technology, some are naturally skeptical. There are multiple paths this vaccine can take.

“I can’t see how the vaccine will impact our situation, but it could go one of two ways,” junior Judah Belcher said. “Either it could help control and stop the virus and/or make the overall situation in America worse.”

Some students aren’t too concerned with the vaccine. 

“I couldn’t really care less [to be honest],” Hatch said.

This vaccine is the hope to end one of the worst periods in recent history and was developed in an incredibly short period of time. Considering these points, some of the students who do care about the vaccine are unsure.

“The vaccine to me isn’t very trustworthy,” Belcher said. “It is new and we don’t know everything about how the people themselves will react.”

Some students trust the vaccine but don’t plan on taking it immediately. There are reasons to wait, but also reasons to encourage others to take it.

“It’s the first vaccine, so I’d wait a little bit for it to be revised more,” Hatch said. “We should encourage others to get the vaccine, and see the effects on them as [they’ll] essentially be human guinea pigs.”

It is important to consider how we should handle the rest of the pandemic going forward with the introduction of a vaccine. There are many things to consider when contemplating this.

“Even though we have the vaccine doesn’t mean people [can immediately] go back to being close to everyone all the time and not wearing masks at big gatherings,” Belcher said. “We should wait for it to die down then ease our way back into things.”

People have already been personally impacted by the vaccine. It affects families in different ways.

“My family is divided and some may want the vaccine, but many don’t, so only time will tell how this will work out,” Belcher said.